December 4th 2020, 2:44:36 am

 Adequate Sanitation: Sanitation and cleanliness play a key role in creating your travel convenient as well as enjoyable. Most of the travelers face difficulties related to the bad sanitation of the cars. Here at NSG TAXI, we are well aware of cleanliness. We guarantee that you receive your cab neat and clean by neat and clean we mean cleaned seats and seat covers, Tissue papers available in significant quantity, car air freshener as well as sanitizers will be given in the cab.

Changeable Tour Planning: At NSG TAXI the customers are the creators of the trip you can easily edit or update your journey with us if you wish to visit the places that come in the way you can ask our driver. Because the design of the tour is made by the customers if you wish to visit multiple places which comes in the way that’s your choice. The pricing will depend on the fuel used and the total time taken during the journey as well as toll taxes.

Charge Only 10% advance for booking: At NSG TAXI we only charge 10% of the total amount in advance which makes us different from other taxi service providers. The remaining 90% amount you can pay after receiving the service. We believe in providing comfort and tension-free service that’s why we made this policy.

Affordable: One-way cab is the best way to save a lot of money, why to go out of budget when you have the solution, NSG TAXI has the most affordable deals without compromising the quality we provide different kinds of the car which fulfills your needs and standard. We provide car range from normal to luxury our clients can choose the car which will best suit their need.




• Every time a client books a taxi the question arises in their mind is it trustworthy? That's why we take this measure of security on the preference list.

• We make sure that the driver of the cab is experienced as well as have appropriate behavior.

• We make sure you have a tension-free ride experience by offering excellent cabs.

• We check our cabs daily to find if there is any fault in the car so that our client does not face any kind of problems during their journey.

• We give assurance that there is no hidden cost, the amount charged depends on many factors such as fuel used, time is taken and a lot more.

• We provide travel packages such as Honeymoon packages for new couples, Goa packages for couples as well as a family trip, College tours for our young generation and a lot more packages which will defiantly satisfy your diverse needs.

• We always ask our customers to rate us which helps NSG TAXI in letting us know whether they like our service or not and give us chance to improve more.

• We had a wide variety of cars so that you can choose the type of car according to your need and enjoy a satisfactory journey.

• We are available 24 hours and 7 days of the week so that you can enjoy the ride every day whether it is a working day or a weekend.

• We provide our service in 250+ cities and trying to expand the number every day because your good feedbacks encourage us to expand our service.

• Our cabs are cleaned on regular bases so that we can provide our customers quality service which will worth for money and due to covid-19 we never forget to sanitize our cabs because your safety is our utmost priority as well as we strictly instructed our drivers to wear a mask same applies to our customer because wearing a mask is very necessary now days and we provide the facility of sanitizers in each cab to ensure the safety of our customers.



• One-way cab is best because you only need to pay for one-time travel, for instance, you took a one-way cab from Lucknow to Kanpur. You have to pay only for Lucknow to Kanpur there is no need to pay for Kanpur to Lucknow to driver for traveling back if you book a one-way cab from us.

• It is cost-friendly as it helps you save a lot of money as well as provide comfort which no other transportation can provide.


 Lucknow To Kanpur

 Delhi To Agra

 Lucknow To Allahabad

 Bhopal to Indore

 Mumbai To Pune

 Lucknow To Delhi

 Shimla To Chandigarh

 Kanpur To Lucknow

 Delhi to Bareilly

 Pune To Mumbai

 Jaipur To Gurgaon

 Gorakhpur To Lucknow

 Gurgaon To Chandigarh

 Delhi to Jaipur

 Chandigarh To Delhi

 Rishikesh To Delhi

 Delhi To Chandigarh

 Jaipur To Delhi

 Delhi to Dehradun

 Haridwar To Delhi

 Delhi To Haridwar

 Chandigarh To Gurgaon

 Allahabad To Lucknow

 Agra To Delhi

 Indore To Bhopal

 Gurgaon To Jaipur

 Kanpur To Delhi

 Dehradun To Delhi

 Dehradun To Gurgaon

 Delhi To Kanpur

 Chandigarh To Shimla

 Gurgaon To Dehradun

 Delhi to Rishikesh

 Gurgaon To Kanpur

 Lucknow To Gorakhpur

 Delhi to Lucknow

 Bareilly To Delhi

 Kanpur To Gurgaon


NSG TAXI is well known for providing one-way cab service, NSG TAXI is the first preference for a lot of customers because of its Adequate Sanitation, Changeable Tour Planning, fewer charges for booking, trustworthy, experienced drivers, excellent cab, no hidden cost, great travel packages such as Goa package, collage trip packages, Maa Vaishno Devi Yatra package, Rishikesh Camping, and Rafting and Yatra packages, Corporate packages many more. Apart from one-way cab booking NSG TAXI also provides round trip, rental taxi service, and airport pickup and drop service.

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