What does our company mean to you?

July 29th 2020, 12:33:54 pm

Enhance your travel experience hassle-free with the NSG TAXI Service because we deliver the best facilities

Know about NSG TAXI

There are a number of reasons to travel. For every single person around the globe, travel means different. For some people, it’s a way to escape from their daily life problems. Some people consider traveling as a mind relaxing therapy .some people travel simply to get drunk around the world and the list goes on as there are millions of reasons to travel

Travel means a lot of things. Travel is like meditation it makes one forget every awful thing happening in their life. Travel is a mind relaxer. Travel is like a drug a person can’t resist. Travel is independence.

We NSG TAXI make sure that your traveling experience will be absolutely comfortable as well as amazing .


Welcome to NSG TAXI, the fastest rising online automobile rental and taxi Hire Company in India committed to provide the best and cheap taxi service in India. We will provide you the cheapest cab fare.


1.One way taxi service 

NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. make sure that their customer reaches to the destination with ease and convenience with this motive in mind NSG TAXI provide one-way cabs in all the major towns and cities. When the customer is not sure about the return from the journey and looking for travel on one-way journey customer can hire one-way car rental service at NSG TAXI at lowest cab fare.

2.Online taxi booking service

The main purpose of our online taxi booking service is that NSG TAXI helps you get a taxi at your place rapidly, it will provide you quick access to the app and provide you the correct information about your taxi booking online. Online booking with NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. is the easiest way to get quick taxi service.

3.Cheapest cab fare

If you are looking for the cheapest cab fare in and around Delhi you can expect us to offer you inexplicably the best and the most reasonable price.

4.Car rental service

This service is basically to serve people who need a car on a temporary basis. So we offer the rental car for short periods of time and take a little amount of fee for car rental service.

5.Outstation cab service 

The outstation cab service is for travelers who want to move out of their city to another within the boundaries of India. With NSG TAXI you can now book an outstation taxi for during the night stays as well as just for a few hours, according to the customers' needs and convenience. We NSG TAXI also provide Chardham yatra taxi service.

6.Intercity cab service

We make available an easily easy to get to, secure, and reliable cab ride to our customers, our priorities are to always improve our services such as effortless to book, suitable, secure, cheap cab fare service.

Why choose NSG TAXI service?

1. AFFORDABLE- at NSG TAXI we assure you to provide cheap yet comfortable traveling experience.

2. VALUE YOUR TIME- We assure you that our taxi service will be on time .when we are hired by a client and a pick-up time is provided, we never delay.

Sometimes there are circumstances when it’s impossible to arrive on time, such as if there is a lot of traffic, a road closure, etc. but we make sure an effective communication with our clients will be made in this situation because we value your time.

3. Supportive workforce- Client service is our major priority when running a taxi service; we only provide works for the workforce we know are going to offer an excellent service for our clients. We also make sure that our workforce can successfully talk with one another in order to make sure our service runs as efficiently as possible. We expect that by giving our clients the most excellent service, we can support repeat business and referral to friends and family and good review. 

4. DIRT FREE CARS- A dirt free car will always be the first thing before arrival time that we take care of. Because we know clients will form that opinion that if the company cares about the cleanliness of their car they care about their clients.

5. Drivers with friendly nature with experience in this field- Many of the clients who use taxi services are unknown to the area. But NSG TAXI to ensure that our drivers are well-known with the area of destination and nearby areas wherever possible. We know not all clients will be able to give instructions to their desired destination, that’s why we know the importance of experienced drivers. Having a friendly driver is something very important as we know this is the key to receiving repeat business and recommendations to other clients. We support our drivers emotionally to talk to customers wherever it is welcomed so that we can create a bit more comfortable and memorable journey.

Our strengths  

Good on-roads cab service

OUR Taxis serviced at usual intervals for the improved on-road performance our taxis never cause difficulty on-road and in case if it does we are always prepared to provide you with an instant substitute. 

24 hours service

NSG TAXI team executives are always ready to support in case of any need. NSG TAXI has a local presence in each city so that we can arrive at a destination in less time. Normally our drivers also love to act as a guide suggesting you the best in food, shopping, handicraft and much more.

On-time pickup and drop service

If you have to reach a business conference or want to catch a train or flight, we are always the first and best option for taxi services. This will allow you to keep away from public transport and helps you maintain social distancing.

We provide a one-way journey, inter-city round trips, booking for a family function, outstation tours as well as in city destination. So we can provide every option which available whenever you ask for it.

Trusted taxi

Our taxi is serviced on a regular interval basis for a better ride. Our taxis never cause difficulty on-road so you can easily trust NSGA Travel Pvt. Ltd. service.

What does our company mean to you