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August 6th 2020, 10:12:13 am

Plan your Travel & go Somewhere new. Book a ride with NSG TAXI today and enjoy our Outstation Taxi Service.

NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. is now a leading outstation taxi provider in India. We try hard just to make the taxi booking a simple yet relaxed experience with the help of NSGA online cab booking service. Anywhere in India, you want to travel; we got a cab for you. We promise you that we provide dirt free cars in good condition, well-mannered drivers with experience as well as knowledge of the traveler places, a very cheap charge, and a very trustworthy service in totality. With NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd., there is no requirement to wait for car and driver’s information till the end of the time. In its place, you will get the information within a little amount of time of booking your outstation cab. So, you can get pleasure from your vacation as much as possible. As a replacement for driving, hire outstation cabs from NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. and just sit at back & calm down, get fresh air, get familiar with a range of local culture throughout the journey, have stopover as per your convenience. Because it's your cab!


Why an online cab taxi booking? Every time it’s not possible to cover the outstation journey by plane, bus, train, or another transport medium so, a cab is the best and the most efficient approach to cover the distance. It is a trouble-free method, just book outstation cabs and takes a trip at your own hassle-free pace, watching the beauty of nature along the way. NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. brings provides you this latest feature that lets you book an outstation taxi service on hundreds of routes covering the country. similarly, if you desire to take a trip to Agra from New Delhi and want to discover journey through outstation taxi just book down NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. to reach the destination in just a few hours

Our Couth

We consider priority client culture in our business which helps us to extend and provide the best in class customer service.

We are serving for a quite long time and have been familiar as one of the best rising car rental company contributions modified services for the client’s vehicle mobility requirements.

Our driver is dutiful and has cleared all mandatory tests i.e. local area familiarity, medical, law, security, and traffic police checks, and having a license by the Indian Government.

Women protection by NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. policy: We guarantee that for the duration of the night hours cab occupied for transportation of women, staff picks- up and drops women client right at their house, remains there at the point where a women client has been dropped until she confirms regarding her arrival at her place of stay. 

Our power

NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. focus on constant client service, well-trained staff, and secure, fresh, maintained, and devoted 24×7 control center-supported service, most favorable costs, price advantage to a client, and supple move toward clients for car mobility solutions.

Why book one day package & outstation rentals taxi services with NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd.?

- Taxi at client disposal: Taxi at client Disposal with NSGA Car Rental a day package our client get taxis at their area for as much time as they want and travel to many stop points with the help of online booking.

- Little charge Packages: our outstation Packages start for 2 hours and can expand up to 24 hours. Also, with some little reasonable additional charges outstation taxi can be retained further than package limits as per the clients' wishes.

- Easy booking options offline & online cab Booking: with no trouble plan a day out with no worry about transportation as with NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. Outstation Rentals even our clients can book a taxi in advance and enjoy the journey as per their convenience.

- Easy payment options: Now you can even go cashless and travels easily with NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd.. Our numerous payment options are accessible for your stress-free transaction with Paytm, G-pay & Phone-pay.

- No waiting charge: you get point to point service of taxi and driver at your disposal for the amount of time of your rental package. When you know you are going to be busy the whole day traveling, just book a taxi with NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. for the day and go where you want after all it’s your cab. 

Book Online Outstation Cab 

The idea of traveling has transformed with the current Covid-19 outbreak. Nothing is the same as it was before. Taking essential safety measures and maintaining cleanliness is of the highest priority to make outstation journey secure. At NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd., we know this and hence we make sure your outstation trip is safe. One can easily book an online outstation cab with NSGA Travels Pvt. Ltd. with no worry about the protective measures. Your protection is our utmost priority and we work to ensure relaxed and hassle-free travel.

Book the most well-liked & safe Cabs for the Outstation ride at very low charges. Our client gets numerous taxi model options in NSGTAXI 

Services. NSGA deals cabs with an experienced driver on rent, together with one way outstation taxi drops, outstation roundtrips. One who loves traveling knows what a stunning feeling and experience traveling is. Hence, the whole thing has been changed in the previous few months. With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting across the world, it has become the most important task to make journey plans keeping in mind the essential precautions one required to take. At NSG TAXI, we believe in creating your outstation journey unforgettable by following the strict rule in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. What you have to do is book a taxi for the outstation and the other things we will take care of. 

NSGA Outstation cab booking Cab comes with:

 - Fare Billing Policy

 - No extra baggage charges on Outstation trips

 - 24X7 client support service

How we keep our clients as secure as possible in this Pandemic period of Covid-19 circumstance?

- We sanitize our taxi using WHO-approved disinfectant spray before and after each journey.

- Regular warmth check for drivers previous to everyday duty. 

- Our driver wears gloves mask and take all necessary measures guided by the WHO.

- Hand sanitizer is provided in every taxi

- Driver uses Arogya Setu application.

- Driver follows social distancing norms


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