Travel From Delhi To Haridwar

March 4th 2021, 7:50:34 am

Explore the beauty and culture of Haridwar any time at the most affordable rates only with NSG Taxi.

Ultimately, we are over with 2020 one of the most blood-curdling year, due to pandemic but now as we step into 2021 life is taking its pace and which also means we’ll be able to travel maybe not out of the country, yet it’s the perfect time to explore our incomparable country India full of culture and traditions, hence Haridwar is the quintessential of that Indian spice with tons of places to visit as well as to eat diverse flavours of Uttarakhand

When it comes to travelling NSG TAXI is excellent, we guarantee the most joyful, comforting and safe ride to make this travel enjoyable and hassle-free. We provide personal chauffeur-driven cabs with loads of variety such as Sedan, Hatchback and SUVs with the availability of luxurious as well as economic friendly taxi services exactly how our customers desire. Rendering the best taxi service, and giving the best travel experience to various places such as:

Namaste Midway  

Comforting food and authentic coffee are extremely vital while travelling for an energetic and relaxed travel experience to enjoy it to the fullest. Hence, Namaste Midway provides it with all such as Starbucks, MacDonald, Haldiram, Sub-way and what not.

Rajaji National Park  

It is paramount for the human to step into nature occasionally, for mental health because “looking deep into nature, gives you a better understanding of everything”, and this national park in Haridwar is the epitome of it. Stepping in there gives you a better understanding of life and delivers the knowledge of other creatures in the world ‘animals’ which are immensely paramount for our habitat on this planet.


Haridwar is the place where so many architectures are there which are of great significance in Hindu mythology, hence been worshipped for ages such as Ganga river, Chandi Devi Temple and many more, these places make us witness the actual real rich culture of India and its diversification.



“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything”, and staunchly believes in it, yet we set our heart on it and endeavours to make every possible effort for it and ensure to provide most friendly and pleasant environment while travelling along with trustworthy and helpful drivers with the no-smoking zone.


NSG TAXI provides is cab service at the most economical rates and affordable which is genuine and with optimum cost, since we respect your hard earn money, along with transparent billing, where there’s no ambiguity and no absurd charges at all


Still, the requirement for taking ultimate precautions hasn’t come to an end and we NSG Taxi make sure of all the hygiene and sanitization since the customer’s safety is our ultimate matter of concern. We believe “Safety isn’t expensive, it's priceless”. We make sure that the taxi is being sanitized properly after every individual ride, because the customer is family, and we care for our family.


We offer different options to choose from various styles of vehicles, whether with luxury experiencing cars or economic friendly cars as per the customer's requirement since we Indians believe that customer is god and so we are Indian Taxi brand


NSG TAXI is the most meticulous and quality budget-friendly chauffeur-driven and 24X7 obtainable taxi service provider in India that legitimizes that each customer makes the highest utility service without any hassle or distress. Linchpin of our organization is to make your journey from Delhi to Haridwar special and noteworthy with a trustworthy driver without a single chance of grievances from your end. Our taxi service is the best in the market because we more than just a business.

Delhi To Haridwar