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Note: If the car travels between 09:00 PM to 06:00 AM, then ₹250 will be charged. This charge should be paid directly to the driver.

Book Cab from Jalandhar to Gurugram For One Way and Round-Trip Rides

Being NSG TAXI a brand proffering taxi administration punctuality is the linchpin of our organization. We vow at delivering the best services to our clients, we understand the taxi service is expected by all and sundry, and we want our customers' journeys to be trouble-free and pleasant. Travelling is therapeutic, and it should be hassle-free which is what our company strives for and achieves.  

We believe in providing high-quality care to anyone who uses our services. Since our brand is present in over 250 cities across India, we guarantee that every city will have a clean, convenient, humane, and flexible environment in which to choose from a variety of available choices. Offering all types of services be it one way trip from Jalandhar to Gurugram taxi or a round trip from Jalandhar to Gurugram, we guarantee that you’ll end up having a satisfactory travel experience with NSG Taxi.  

With the NSG Taxi Administration, you can increase the efficiency of your journey from Jalandhar to Gurugram.  

NSG TAXI is the most proactive and quality-oriented chauffeur-driven taxi service provider in India, ensuring that each customer receives the best utility service without any inconvenience, in many Indian cities. We assure you of the most comforting and joyful taxi experience without any despondent. Our taxi brand is a perfect epitome of the most comforting and diligent taxi brand.  

We welcome you to take the economical travel experience from Jalandhar to Gurugram by taxi booking in Jalandhar with us without giving any second thought because we have prepared heaps of cool activities falling in your lap when you choose to book a taxi near you in Jalandhar to Gurugram. Therefore, get ready to add this road trip to your favorites only with NSG Taxi Service.   

Jalandhar to Gurugram Taxi Fare  

We pledge that the cab fare from Jalandhar to Gurgaon will always be fair and exactly what the customer is supposed to be charged. Our website-related terms and conditions are fair. We have always been pocket-friendly while maintaining a service standard. The price begins from Rs. 5659.5 for a hatchback which will be worth your money.  

Book a cab from Jalandhar Airport to Gurugram  

Our brand gives airport pickup and drops off, from one city to another and what not and with the pricing that economizes which is scrimp and saving for all a cost that is optimizing. Concerning the route from Jalandhar to Gurugram you can book a cab online in Jalandhar to Gurugram airport directly.  

Why Travel by Road from Jalandhar to Gurugram?  

When you travel from the road it’s way more feasible than any other mode of transportation because a road trip allows you to do much more things completely out of the blue, which is always exhilarating. Taking halts whenever you feel like or spot something worth your attention like a pretty coffee shop and reading your book with your favorite melody and so much more to it which can be encountered only when doing a road trip.  

Jalandhar to Gurugram have so many spots in between which are worth visiting few of them are:

Ludhiana: Ludhiana is a place that is rich with culture and history, as well as an agrarian land with a wide range of food to choose from. This place has all the tastes of North India, and it is capable of being a favorite destination for all kinds of people, whether they be foodies, traditionalists, shopaholics, or even explorers like Lodhi Fort, Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Ranch Bagh Park, etc.  

Karnal: Karnal is the administrative capital of the Karnal District in Haryana, India. The East India Company army used it as a refuge during the Indian Revolt of 1857 in Delhi, along with many other places to eat tasty food and lakes.  

New Delhi: New Delhi is an incredible city with plenty of places worth seeing and creating memories for life and reminiscing about, the capital is packed with heaps of spots such as Akshardham, Lotus Temple, Lajpat Nagar Market, Khan Market, Chandani Chowk, India Gate, Red Fort, Shopping Malls, and so on, Gurugram has it all.  

Why should you pick NSG Taxi to ride from Jalandhar to Gurugram? 

Affordable: We guarantee the lowest price or a personalized and cost-effective price for your service. That suits your budget and offers a service that is worth every penny you spend, with adequate air conditioning and approved cars that do not need any extra sanitation or luggage fees.  

Achievable 24X7: NSG TAXI provides 24 hours a day and 7 days a week door-to-door access to more than 250 cities in India, rendering it both practical and customer-friendly.  

A Wide Spectrum of Varieties: We have various options for selecting different models of vehicles, whether luxury or economical, based on the customer's needs, since we Indians believe that the customer is god, and hence we are an Indian Taxi brand.  

Safety Assurance: You can book Jalandhar to Gurgaon sanitized cabs with NSG Taxi, the need to take final care has not come to an end and we, NSG Taxi, ensure both hygiene and sanitation because the welfare of the customer is our ultimate concern. After of personal journey, we make sure that the taxi is fully sanitized, since the client is a family, and we take care of our family. Because we also believe that ‘Safety doesn’t happen by accident.  

Crystal Clear Billing: NSG TAXI is opposed to any form of misrepresentation, believes in integrity, and offers the most important assistance of our customers' merited money without any fraudulently. 

Respectful Environment: Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to earn it. By employing clean and reliable non-smoking drivers, we aim to have the most friendly and enjoyable service possible.  

What’s in the store for you in Gurugram?  

Gurugram is an absolute wholesome place and filled with excellent places to wander and shop around, this city in Haryana is a hub for youngsters because of so many thrilling and adventurous spots not just that this city also offers places for all kind of tourists of all kinds such as: -  

  • Cyber Hub  
  • Kingdom of Dreams   
  • Damdama Lake  
  • Ambiance Mall  
  • Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary  
  • Mata Sheetala Devi Temple  
  • Amusement Parks etc.  

Distance, Time Data  

The journey from Jalandhar to Gurugram is 422 kilometers long and is scheduled to take 8 hours and 10 minutes. The NSG TAXI service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Well, NSG TAXI administration has made their services accessible at your doorstep from Jalandhar to Gurugram, making it much easier and less perplexing for you because NSG TAXI administration is unquestionably the best administration for your trouble-free economical ride.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Jalandhar to Gurugram Cabs:      

How much does a taxi ride from Jalandhar to Gurugram cost?     

A Hatchback taxi from Jalandhar to Gurugram costs Rs. 5659.5, a Sedan taxi costs Rs. 5691, and an SUV taxi costs Rs. 7255.5. We also have rich or low-cost taxicab options based on your needs, and since NSG Taxi respects your decision, we make certain that you get good value for your wallet.    

Will passengers be able to choose the cab and the taxi's height?  

To be sure, the passengers have complete control over how their taxi is configured, as shown by their choice for competitiveness or comfort. There are three body styles to choose from: hatchback, sedan, and SUV. Customers can choose from a variety of choices depending on their requirements and budget. This encourages you to do what is best for you.  

Is it safe to travel from Jalandhar to Gurugram by car?  

Traveling by road from Jalandhar to Gurugram with NSG TAXI is risk-free and safe because we have already saved the aggregate of the mindful walks for our customers' wealth and security with good and dependable drivers. A road trip allows you to extend your horizons by visiting and learning new stuff.  

How far is it between Jalandhar and Gurugram?  

From Jalandhar to Gurugram the distance is 422 km, and it takes 8 hours and 10 minutes to reach your final destination but keeping the Indian traffic in mind it might take longer than the estimated time irrespective we’ll keep you safe and comfortable.   

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Lucknow To Prayagraj

Rs. 2675/-


*201KMs @ base fare.

*Vehicle : Dzire, Xcent, Etios or similar.

*Top Notch Service

*Safety Assured


Haridwar To Gurugram

Rs. 2773/-


*240KMs @ base fare.

*Vehicle : Dzire, Xcent, Etios or similar.

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Noida To Manali

Rs. 7235/-


*585KMs @ base fare.

*Vehicle : Dzire, Xcent, Etios or similar.

*Top Notch Service

*Safety Assured


Delhi to Lucknow

Rs. 6699/-


*540KMs @ base fare.

*Vehicle : Dzire, Xcent, Etios or similar.

*Top Notch Service

*Safety Assured

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“I travelled from lucknow to delhi as i had to urgently attend a meet. The guy on the line was help full in arranging the cab and managing everything. Liked the service. They charge you reasonably.“

Kulprakash Bhasin

“Ride is satisfactory. Suggestions its better to provide driver with knowledge of route and also driver should be obedient and polite to customers and the driver should not be changed in en-route. Fare is optimal. ”

Patel Guleriya

“The service is very good i have recommend all my friend to use NSG The car quality and the driver are good and the main think is that time of service is very correct because at this time, time important is good.”

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Every driver is police verified at NSG Taxi.We care for your safety.