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Note: If the car travels between 09:00 PM to 06:00 AM, then ₹250 will be charged. This charge should be paid directly to the driver.

Book Cab from Roorkee to Dehradun For One Way and Round-Trip Rides


We are NSG Taxi, an online cab booking aggregator that offers customers dependable and premium Intercity and Local car rental services. In terms of geographical scope, we have grown to be the largest chauffeur-driven car rental company in India over the last decade.  

We are the finest taxi service provider when it comes to quality taxi service with all the amenities and standard services. We are flexible because we understand the requirements of every individual varies and hence NSG Taxi endeavours to provide it with all likewise we offer outstation cab booking for Roorkee to Dehradun one way as well as a round trip, however, you desire we have it all.  


You will bring spice to your trip from Roorkee to Dehradun.  

 NSG Taxi administration is not all about profit maximization but rather business ethics are our priority and so is honesty and welfare of our customers. We have established our brand in more than 250 cities for outstation cab booking services along with dependable drivers who are ethical so that your ride is hassle-free and without any fatigue of driving even a tad bit. Hence, offering an online booking facility through our website makes it much more convenient for our users.  

Our main principles are transparency in billing and road safety. We make certain that our customers have a fantastic ride on all of our cabs from Roorkee to Dehradun. In the middle of the pandemic, as travellers' primary concern is safety, we are taking the requisite steps to provide safe and sanitary cabs to our customers. Also, there are tons of merits of a road trip and one of them is to halt whenever you may want, which makes is it user friendly and enables you to have a taste of everything that comes in your way.  


Fair Info on Taxi Service from Roorkee to Dehradun    

We take pride in providing the most affordable yet best taxi service in Roorkee with an assortment of cars to choose from whichever suits you the best. We recommend a hatchback would do if you are looking for a solo trip or maybe with a partner starting from only Rs. 3137.4 which will be worth your outstanding trip to Dehradun from Roorkee.  


Why Travel Roorkee to Dehradun by Road?  

Haridwar: Haridwar is an enticing city that is surrounded by the holy river Ganga, making it much more tempting and worthwhile to visit. Haridwar is the epitome of the Indian spice, with a plethora of places to explore as well as rich flavours of Uttarakhand that you would not regret visiting.   


Saharanpur: Saharanpur is a city in Uttar Pradesh which is known for its amazing furniture market which has some amazing place for some exquisite pieces made from wood, which is undoubtedly worth your attention and why not if it's in your way of Roorkee to Dehradun.  


Why do you pick NSG Taxi to ride from Roorkee to Dehradun?  


Pleasant Ambience  

We understand that safety and a comfortable atmosphere are important considerations when travelling with your families, so we make certain that you have a pleasant environment with courteous, sympathetic drivers and a strict no-smoking policy inside the vehicle, making it secure and clean.  


Cleaning and sterilization  

NSG Taxi places the customer's safety first, which is why we make certain that the temperature of the escort is known ahead of time. As a result, everybody has a pleasant and safe trip. Furthermore, there are no defects or hazards in the engine. Since the customer is a member of our family, we ensure that the taxi is thoroughly disinfected after and trip.  


Billing Transparency  

When it comes to billing, we value your hard-earned money and make certain that you only pay for what you paid, with no illegitimate or absurd charges and no misrepresentation at all, because your loyalty and happiness are of the utmost importance to us.  


Reasonably priced  

NSG TAXI offers taxi administration at the most reasonable and fair rates, honest, because we respect your well-deserved cash, alongside a reasonable cost, where there is no doubt and no outrageous costs in any way, so we understand that pricing is often the aspect that needs to be managed and taken into account, so we keep pricing low and lawful.  


Varieties in Cars  

We have several options for selecting different models of vehicles, whether luxury or economical, based on the needs of the customer, since we Indians believe that the customer is god, and therefore we are an Indian Taxi brand.       


Places to Visit in Dehradun  

Shikhar Fall: It's one of the most famous waterfalls, and it's also the quickest way to get to Dehradun. You just need to travel a little more to explore ideal nature, which is worth visiting and provides you with peace of mind.  


Robbers Cave: Robbers Cave is a popular picnic destination for young couples and outdoor enthusiasts. Located 8 kilometres from Dehradun's centre, near the village of Anarwala. Visitors will also admire the frozen water streams and the natural beauty of the caves at Robbers Cave.  


Tapovan: Tapovan is an excellent place to relax, meditate, and seek spiritual power. Guru Dronacharya is said to have performed his penance at the Tapovan temple here. Tourists will hike up to the temple and listen to sacred chanting and ringing bells. Tapovan is unquestionably perfect for those seeking stability and tranquillity in the mountains.  


Shahastradhara: Sahastradhara, which translates as "Thousand-Fold Spring," is a popular tourist destination in Dehradun. Sahastradhara is situated 14 kilometres from Dehradun District along the Baldi River. Tourists flock to Sahastradhara to marvel at the beauty of the waterfalls and caves.  


Book a Taxi to Dehradun Airport  

NSG TAXI also offers airport pick-up and drop-off, and for the time being, you can book a cab from Roorkee to Dehradun airport for the best taxis. Book Your Taxi Service for the Most Beautiful and Healthiest Trip free from driving fatigue.  


Distance, Time, and Highway Information  

The distance between Roorkee and Dehradun is 70 kilometres, and the journey will take 1 hour and 35 minutes approximately. However, living in India makes estimating the precise time difficult. The NSG TAXI service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day which makes it easily accessible for everyone.  


Exercises During Road Trip from Roorkee to Dehradun  

Road Trips are everyone’s favourite kind of trips because it allows you to have actual fee while listening to your favourite songs or reading your favourite book is the simplest way to appreciate when it isn't surprising in any way. Furthermore, nothing beats going on a tour with your friends and family and sharing these great experiences with them, assessing them, and visiting amazing shops with strong spots for outstanding food and visiting some unexpected locations.  



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Roorkee to Dehradun Cabs: -             


  1. How much does a taxi ride from Roorkee Dehradun cost?    

From Roorkee to Dehradun, a Hatchback taxi costs Rs. 3137.4, a Sedan taxi costs Rs. 2097.9, and an SUV taxi costs Rs. 2656.5. Since NSG Taxi values your company, we provide both luxury and low-cost taxicab services.      


  1. Will passengers be able to choose the cab and the height of the taxi?       

Yes, passengers have complete control over how their taxi is made, as shown by their preference between rivalry and comfort. The three available models are the hatchback, sedan, and SUV. Customers can choose from a range of products based on their interests and financial means. This motivates you to do your best by yourself without any manipulations.   


  1. Is it necessary to make an advance payment?      

For booking approval, only a 20% deposit is needed, with the remaining 80% due until you arrive at your destination.     


  1. Is there a Night Driving Allowance?     

Yes, NSG Taxi administrations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; but, if you book your taxi administration between 9:00 PM and 6:00 PM, you will be charged an extra Rs. 250 to the driver.     


  1. Is it safe to take a ride from Roorkee to Dehradun?       

Transportation by road from Roorkee to Dehradun with NSG TAXI is risk-free and comfortable because we have already saved the aggregate of the mindful walks for the prosperity and wellbeing of our customers with good and dependable drivers. A road trip allows you to extend your horizons by exploring new places and writing about new subjects.   


  1. What is the distance between Roorkee to Dehradun?             

The distance between Roorkee and Dehradun is 70 kilometres, and the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes which might not be exact considering Indian traffic.  



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“The service is very good i have recommend all my friend to use NSG The car quality and the driver are good and the main think is that time of service is very correct because at this time, time important is good.”

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